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South African Boerboels (South African Mastiff) are intelligent, reliable, and obedient, with a strong watchdog instinct. They are self-assured and fearless, but responsive to the needs of the family. The Boerboel dog was specifically bred to be protective without being aggressive. They are loving, playful, even-tempered, athletic and intelligent. At the same time, they have strong protective instincts. It is a unique combination which blends into an overall wonderful character. A Boerboel in your home instinctively becomes the family pet. They especially bond to children - usually deciding that the smallest child in the family is their own special personal responsibility, and is to be looked after under all circumstances. They become the child’s best friend, playmate, guardian, and companion. When a Boerboel is not actively playing with a child, you will find him in the yard "watching" over the children, ready to alarm and defend as needed. He feels the whole family belongs to him and his sole purpose is to protect them, with his life, if necessary. Please browse our site for South African Boerboel puppy information.  You can view pictures of puppies by clicking on the litters page.  SABT Registered boerboel breeder #103491  


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